Muespach-le-Haut, a beautiful village in the Sundgau

The legend of how the stream that runs through Muespach-le-Haut got its name is a story that goes back to the XIIᵉ century. It is said that a young woman carrying peas on her head for her lover who was working in the fields slipped while trying to cross a stream that was treacherous to say the least.

From Muospach to Muespah-le-Haut

This young woman who had slipped with her peas was the origin of the name of the brook, which is called “Mues-bach”, which you can translate as: the brook that carried her peas.

Moreover, it should be noted that our little village in the Sundgau has seen its name change several times:

  • MUOSPACH – 1102
  • MUOZBACH – 1218
  • MUOSPACH 1262
  • MOSBACH Superior – 1271
  • Superiori MUOSPACH – 1280
  • Obern MUOSPACH – 1286
  • MUOSPACH Superioris – 1295

The village has an exciting and rich history. We invite you to read about it on the website of the town hall of Muespach-le-Haut:

Some figures on the commune of Muespach-le-Haut

Number of residents

Just over 1000 residents live in Muespach-le-Haut.


410 to 493 metres above sea level


The Euro Airport Basel-Mulhouse is fast, it is located 15 km from our village.

Photos of Muespach-le-Haut and its countryside

Practical information

Muespach-le-Haut is part of the Communauté Commune Sundgau (CCS). The communes that are part of it are Altkirch, Carspach, Illfurth, Ferrette, Hirsingue, Spechbach, Waldighofen, etc.

The commune is within easy reach of Basel in Switzerland and Lörrach in Germany, as well as the French cities of Belfort and Mulhouse. The latter are quickly accessible via the A35 and A36 motorways.

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